Lift Kit


This is a great suspension kit is designed for vehicles doing a combination of regular highway driving and light to medium 4WDing using premium quality Koni 82-series Heavy Track shock absorbers. This kit will lift the vehicle approx. 40mm – 50mm. Kit contains: • 2 Front Koni 82-Series shock absorbers • 2 Rear Koni 82-Series shock absorbers • 2 Raised Lovells front coil springs • 2 Raised Lovells rear coil springs • SuperPro Radius arm bush kits – Includes 2 degree caster correction and arm to chassis bush kits. Install to maintain correct alignment and precise steering feedback. Options: If your vehicle is fitted with a steel bull bar, winch or spare battery we recommend the heavy duty spring option for best performance. Select “HD Front Coils” – No extra charge The factory drag link is non-adjustable so raising the vehicle may result in the steering wheel to be out of position. If you would like to correct this an adjustable aftermarket drag link is required. Select “Adjustable Drag Link” . Heavy duty adjustable drag link available. Select “HD adjustable link” Notes: All lift kits sold are to suit a vehicle in standard trim, if you have heavy aftermarket accessories and are concerned about fitting the correct rated spring please contact us before ordering.

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